PA Terminal Manager

Boost profits through the digitalization of
tank terminal management

Terminal management is a complex business. Renting tanks to a large number of customers, storing and handling bulk fluids at one or more sites and finally getting compensated for transactions like heating, blending, unloading and loading.

Now, the business of tank terminal operators can be fully digitalized, making it safer and more profitable.

PA Terminal Manager covers the
whole process, from order to cash.

PA Terminal Manager is a cloud-based solution that works seamlessly with existing systems. Important advantages of the solution include, in particular:

Digitalization of the entire order-to-cash process

Registering and invoicing all rentals and actions related to the handling of storage and transfer of bulk fluids, generating automatic invoices based on tank lease contract parameters and integration of customer support, logistics & operational support – PA Terminal Manager covers the entire process.

Optimum management of administrative tasks and tax issues

All data required for authorities, interfacing with authorized suppliers and the registration of product movements and corrections – PA Terminal Manager maximizes compliance and financial security.

Easy administration of multiple sites and units of measure

Different measurement units and systems for different regions, like SI, metric and imperial, management of multiple sites by one customer service department and invoicing based on multi-terminal contracts – PA Terminal Manager helps you in even most complex cases.

Features of the PA Terminal Manager include:

  • Order receipt and preparation (customer service)
  • Registration and invoicing of all your rentals, activities and supplies according to different customer contract parameters (order-to-cash)
  • Customs management (IPR, bank guarantee, interfacing)
  • Product (movement) registration, both physical and administrative
  • Stock management (comingled stock, reconciliation)
  • Customer, governmental and internal reporting/KPIs
  • Transport document generation and handling
  • Planning of jetties and loading stations
  • Planning and registration of operational instructions
  • Integration with third party/existing applications/systems
  • 30 years of experience & know-how of terminal processes and (IT) resources

A proven solution

More than 20 terminals are already working with PA Terminal Manager.

Significant cost reduction

In practice, the digitalization reduces costs by 10 to 20% in the tank terminal industry.

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